As COVID19 pandemic continues to disrupt conferences and seminars in some parts of the world, the Economic Science Association is organizing a seminar series featuring junior job-market candidates in economics who use experimental methods. The online seminar series will run from October to December 2021. There will be two to three speakers per session, each speaking for about 20 min followed by a 5 min discussant.

Call for presentations

If you are interested in presenting, please click here to submit your talk. Candidates who apply by September 20th will be given priority in scheduling.

Note: The aim of this series is to give experimental job market candidates the exposure to the community, experience presenting, and feedback from senior scholars that they would otherwise get by attending in-person ESA conferences. Given this rationale, since the ESA North American conference is proceeding as planned, we are currently scheduling sessions only during the European and Asia-Pacific time zones. However, if there is sufficient demand for North American sessions, we will consider organizing those as well. If you are a job market candidate who cannot attend the conference and would like to present please email us at


The series is organised by Dorothea Kübler, Daniele Nosenzo, Ernesto Reuben, and Jingjing Zhang.

A special thanks to the Center for Behavioral Institutional Deisgn for logistical help.